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Against which risks does a company have an interest in insuring?


Although it is not necessarily obliged to do so, a company has an interest in protecting itself against several types of risks . Indeed, several disasters can impact its economic activity. Subscribing to a professional insurance contract allows you to benefit from more or less complete coverage at this level. In practice, the risks of professional claims essentially concern 3 areas: activity , equipment and personnel ( managers and employees ).

The risks that weigh on the professional activity

Two major risks can have an impact on the activity of a company : the commitment of its civil liability or the operating loss.

The operating loss represents the loss of earnings suffered by a company due to the occurrence of a disaster. Deprived of exercising its activity, it supports a drop in its turnover . Business interruption insurance allows him to benefit from compensation to cover part of the damage suffered. The conditions for granting and calculating the aid are defined in the contract. The latter may also provide for the payment of specific expenses (related to the replacement or rental of equipment, for example).

The undertaking of civil liability of the company is sinister of a different nature. During the exercise of its activity, a company may cause damage to a third party. If this person takes him to court, the company may be ordered to pay him damages . Their amount, which is sometimes significant, can be covered if you hold a professional civil liability insurance contract .

Also note that a company that uses professional vehicles must insure the civil liability of its drivers. Some health , legal , or number professionals also need to hedge at this level. Finally, construction companies are required to take out ten-year civil liability insurance.


Risks to business assets

Claims can also affect property used by the company . This may be, for example, equipment, inventory, operating premises (stores, warehouses, etc.). These professional goods, sometimes very expensive, are generally essential to the exercise of the activity. A fire, flood, damage or theft can affect the operation of the company.

In general, to cover themselves against these claims, companies take out professional multi-risk insurance . These contracts offer a certain flexibility since the insurers generally offer the possibility of adapting the coverage (nature of the claim covered) as well as the guarantees (deductible, amount of compensation).

The premises that a company has built or renovated can also benefit from additional protection with the subscription of damage insurance .

Risks to important people

People can be essential to the operation of a business . It may be the head of the company, the manager(s) or even certain employees. The loss, temporary or permanent, of one of its elements can have serious consequences for the company. To prevent this, there are different solutions.

First of all, employees must, since January 1, 2016, benefit from complementary health insurance. Indeed, all companies that employ salaried staff must set up a group mutual . But they can also go further and offer them disability/death insurance . Moreover, some collective agreements require it.

With regard to managers , several mechanisms exist. It is possible to take out so-called “Madelin” insurance plans to supplement the manager’s social protection (health, retirement, etc.). The company can also, at its own level, insure the civil liability of its corporate officers.

Finally, insurers also offer “Key Person” contracts . They make it possible to ensure the continuity of the company in the event of death or loss of autonomy (total or partial) of one or more important managers of the company. It can be a manager or an employee exercising strategic functions in the company.

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