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How to use options to increase your stock trading performance


Options are one of the most powerful tools available to traders in the stock market. With options, you can increase your trading performance and potential profits. When used effectively, options provide various strategies for investing in stocks, giving you more flexibility over your trades and allowing you to take advantage of price moves in both directions. This article will discuss how traders can use options to get the most out of their stock trading.


Investing with options can be a great way to hedge against losses from volatile markets. By hedging with puts or calls on an underlying security, investors can reduce risk by limiting their exposure to any given trade. It helps protect profits while allowing investments to continue to be made. Hedging with options also helps reduce the amount of capital needed for a given trade, allowing investors to make more trades without needing additional funds.


Using options can provide traders with leverage that would not otherwise be available. Using margins allows traders to increase their exposure and gain an edge over other market participants. It is instrumental when combined with hedging strategies, enabling investors to control more stock than they could typically access. Additionally, using options for leverage also increases returns on smaller investments due to the lower costs associated with trading options compared to stocks.


Options can also be used for speculation, allowing traders to profit from price movements in the stock market. Investors can benefit from short-term price spikes without owning the underlying stock by investing in options contracts to cash out at a higher price point. It is beneficial when trading volatile markets, as it allows traders to take advantage of quick moves and turn them into profits. Moreover, options can be used to speculate on the direction of a stock without requiring significant investments. Traders can log into their account with Saxo Capital Markets to see how they fluctuate with real-time price charts.


Spreads are another way that traders can use options to increase their performance. Spreads involve buying and selling different options simultaneously to create an arbitrage opportunity – by taking advantage of price discrepancies between different strikes, traders can benefit from either direction of a price move. It can be handy for creating a more robust trading strategy when combined with other strategies, such as hedging or leverage.


Straddles are another popular options-based strategy employed by traders. A straddle involves the purchase of both a put and call option on the same underlying asset at the same strike price. By entering into this type of spread trade, investors can benefit from either direction of a price move without needing to take an actual position in the underlying security.

Protective puts

Protective puts are a great way to protect profits when investing with stock options. By purchasing a put option on an underlying security, traders can limit their losses if the asset price begins to fall. It allows investors to take advantage of upside moves while still being able to exit at a predetermined price point should the market move against them. The protection provided by this strategy means that investors can remain in a position for longer and potentially increase their returns over time.

Risks of using options in your stock trading

Using options in stock trading can be an effective way to increase performance, but they also come with risks. Investors should understand the potential risks associated with trading options before engaging in any trades so that they can make informed decisions on how best to use them.


Using options for leverage can significantly increase profits, but it also increases the potential losses that a trader may incur. As such, investors should ensure they know the risks associated with leverage and understand how much they are willing to risk their capital when trading options.


Options prices can be highly volatile, and traders should be aware of the potential volatility in the options market before making any trading decisions. Volatility can influence options’ price and value, so investors should ensure they understand these risks before entering into any trade with options.

Time decay

Options also have a time-sensitive element – as the expiration date draws closer, the value of an option decreases. It is known as time decay and can significantly impact the profitability of options trades if they are not managed correctly.

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