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How To Increase Views on YouTube


With more than 2 billion daily users who log in, YouTube is the second most popular app for entertainment globally, just behind Netflix. But you’ve been cranking out high-quality content for several years, but when you look at the viewership and engagement, you’ll see that you’ve managed to gain 33 views, four likes, and zero comments. This is a bit disappointing.

If this is the case or not, I’ll guide you on earning more excellent video views and taking a larger share of the YouTube user base. As a digital marketing professional for over 15 years, I’ve created thousands of YouTube videos and spent thousands of advertising dollars on YouTube for various branding initiatives and marketing campaigns with acquisition goals. You can also buy YouTube views with SoNuker. Let’s take a look.

Learn Your Channel Basics Done Right

There are some essential elements to a successful YouTube channel. They include:

* Channel Name: Carefully choose the title of the YouTube channel. It is best to choose a unique, easy to remember, and cleverly descriptive (not descriptive) name for your channel.

* Channel icon: The channel icon is the visual picture of your channel. If you represent your company, having a warm image of you that is disarming is the ideal choice. You can also opt to go with a well-designed logo (this is generally recommended for channels that aren’t personal) or other graphics.

* Complete the About section correctly: Tell your viewers concisely and appealingly your viewers and prospective subscribers what your channel is about. Be sure to use keywords that are relevant to your drain naturally.

* Picking your niche: A niche is the specific topic of the channel. It is more likely that you will get more views when you focus on particular places instead of being multi-faceted.

Utilize Standing-Out Thumbnails for Video

Thumbnails work like billboards or signposts that you can use for YouTube videos. They are essential for driving the number of viewers. Based on YouTube, 90%of the most popular videos YouTube have customized thumbnails.

The biggest hurdle is that you can only alter your thumbnail when the YouTube profile is authenticated. If you do not have a verified account, you can make use of the thumbnails automatically generated.

What is the best way to make your thumbnail appear? It must stand out and have a decent resolution. The minimum resolution recommended is 1280×720 pixels.

Try to choose distinctive colors. White and black are easy to blend in with YouTube’s branding colors and can easily be lost in the crowd of videos. We’ve observed that red, green, and blue can stand out better.

Create Creative Video Descriptions

There is no reason why a YouTube video should have a boring description. These three suggestions can help make a decent video description into one outstanding.

  1. 1. Write a compelling introduction. You don’t have to use superlatives, but you should include at least two to three paragraphs (with at minimum one main keyword) to explain what the video will be about.
  2. Create a body in which you provide more information about the particulars of your film.
  3. Share links. Then, you can direct visitors to your social media profiles, like your Twitter profile.

Create Playlists

Making playlists of your video will help you subtly draw people to subscribe to your channels. Instead of switching to other platforms, viewers will be taken effortlessly to other videos.

Be sure to diversify your playlist choices. You might consider collaborating on playlists alongside other creators or including other videos from channels you like. The aim naturally is to have them be able to reciprocate and show your content to their audience.

Be creative with your Video Title.

It’s crucial to create the perfect title for your video. This is the way to go. YouTube states about titles for videos: “Well-written titles can be the difference between someone watching and sharing your video, or scrolling right past it.” While you must be careful not to use clickbait to increase YouTube views, you can make it appealing to tease viewers about the video.

Include numbers in your title, like “5 ways to cook spinach,” as well as parenthetical comments that have “5 ways to cook spinach (according to a new study),” can assist you in getting more views.

Titles that include “how to” tend to be popular with YouTube viewers.

Make sure your video is Listed in YouTube’s Recommended Videos.

YouTube users can search for videos through a targeted search. For instance, if they wish to view a video about sharks by National Geographic, they could type in “sharks National Geographic.” The YouTube algorithm uses metadata in videos to choose and recommend videos to viewers.

To increase your views on your videos, you must implement an approach for your description and keywords tags:

Before you begin, ensure your attention is on one primary keyword.

* Limit tags from 10-12 characters and concentrate on variations of the keyword.

Make sure that the description must be at least three paragraphs.

* In the description field, include links to more recent videos to get more views.

You can also consider using hashtags to assist users in finding content related to a particular topic. However, keep in mind that YouTube does not accept any hashtags if the number of hashtags in a video is greater than 15 hashtags.

Include a general three to five-sentence explanation of the channel/show at the end of the description for the video. The best advice is to use the defaults feature on YouTube.

Tap Into Trends

While many view YouTube as a streaming video app and a social media platform but it’s also a search engine. To increase the number of views, ensure that your content is highly ranked in search results by taking advantage of the current trends. Google Trends is an excellent tool to do this. Utilize to use the Explore option or enter a keyword on a specific subject to determine if it’s popular. You can filter the results by region, country, cities, states, or even state to get a more localized view.

One Last Trick To Get More Views

Make sure you post your videos on other social media platforms to attract more viewers.

Follow these tips, and you’ll be well on the journey to becoming a YouTube star.

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