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Awareness of Amazon FBA Program

Awareness of Amazon FBA Program


Fulfilment by Amazon is also referred to as FBA. It is the service that enhances Amazon sellers to outsource shipping to the Amazon.FBA is carried out by storing, packing as well as shipping order and handling both returns and exchanges.

The sellers move their products to the Amazon where everything is being stored and later process the order as they are being received.

Inasmuch that you are handing the sales by yourself and sending the inventory to Amazon, every other thing is done by you.

Benefits of Amazon FBA

  • 24/7 availability of customer care service
  • Have access to the dynamic network of the Fulfilment
  • All Fulfillment and shipping costs

How to Sign Up for Amazon FBA Program

If you want to maximize FBA program, you will need to take the following steps below as described on the Amazon site.

Create FBA

It is very important to set up an Amazon selling account because it will help you showcase your products on the site and on your online store you register with Amazon. With this account, you can easily login to the selling central of Amazon to create your FBA program.

Set Up product Listings

The product listings are created on the page of product listing on any site. It will just display all your products in the online store. The product listing page is very vital more so that it is a place where particular information concerning the products are included so as to direct the visitors. By so doing, you will be able to boost your conversion chance.

Th3 moment you place your products to the Amazon catalogue, it will be possible to state the inventory of your FBA.

Set Up Your Products

When you have completed your product listing registration, you need to prepare your products so as to have secure and safe movement to the fulfilment center. You must ensure that the products you transport to fulfilment center are for final consumption. Do not forget that you are the person to package and design your product before moving to the fulfilment center.

Shipment of the Products

Finally, you are expected to set up a shipping plan, print the shipment identification labels from Amazon and then send to Amazon fulfilment centers. As soon as your products get to fulfilment centers, they are made available for the customers to purchase.

 Cost of Selling on Amazon FBA

Amazon website offers two type of FBA plan.

  • Individual Plan

It is the basic plan for the Amazon sellers whereby you are charged $0.99 for every product sold. This plan is good for the writers since they do not have many books to sell.

1. Features of Individual Plan

  • Increase your business with FBA
  • Include new products to catalogue

2. Professional Plan

This plan is suitable for those with online stores and having different products. It is very good for FBA subscribers and charge $39.99 on monthly basis. It works best when:

  • You want to market your products
  • You want to sell over 40 products per month
  • You want to sell items in the limited categories
  • You want to take advantage of high-class selling tools such as reports and APIs
  • You want to get qualify for the upper placement on the detail pages of your product.

Features in Professional Plan

It includes:

  • Addition of more than one users to your account
  • Carry out promotions with free shipping
  • Make use of the shoppers with the on-site advertising tools
  • Create personal hipping fees for the product that are non-media
  • Boost selling efficiency with the API integration
  • Eligible for the top placement on the detail pages of the product
  • Manage the inventory with spreadsheets, feeds and reports
  • Setting up the listings in bulk saves much time
  • Taking advantage of selling in extra categories
  • Boost your business with FBA
  • Addition of fresh products to the catalogue on Amazon

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